THE VILLAGE by Luis Carita, 2017

THE VILLAGE by Luis Carita, 2017

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The Village - Acrylic paint, collage, permanent marker and glur on paper, by Luis Carita, 2017

Dimensions: 42cm x 30cm 

Luís Carita, actually living in Amsterdam, The Netherlands was born in 1981 in Porto, in north of Portugal. "A city with several hills where from the river side one can clearly observe the diverse layers of the city and the textures of the roofs, stone walls and colors building the landscape.

Formerly trained as graphic designer and illustrator he paints personal memories and distant visual feelings using several layers of paint and drawing.
More recently he started using collage and paper cutouts heading into a more minimal and graphic approach by which he searches, colors and intersections. 

He has a solo  exhibition in Suuuper on the opening in November's 2018.

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