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suuuper welcome!

My name is Diva and I'm the CEO of Suuuper.

I'm architect, interior designer, and also teacher in Interior Design and Furniture Design courses in Porto.

I always wanted to create a store, but not just a store, I want a different space where you could take workshop or meet new designer at same time that you drink a local beer from a small business.

So, here it is: suuuper _ creates like a lab _ sells like a store!

Suuuper is a carefully-curated concept store in Oporto dedicated to the best that Portugal has to offer by creative young people.

Suuuper invites you to an innovative experience: is a meeting place for ideas, experiences and projects that meet an ageless contemporary lifestyle. Here you can find works from designers to artisans, kids crafting sessions, workshops, art exhibitions and also opens up in-store concerts, readings, and other events to all of its supporters, blurring the line between customers and friends and creating a sense of community.

And more! You can have personalized services, including specialized assistance with personal style, gift-giving and interior design and architecture consulting.